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Water Treatment • Water Conditioning • Water Softening

The City of Drain, OR get’s their water supply from a reservoir that catches water from Alan Creek, Elk Creek and Bear Creek.  Drain owns and operates its own municipal water system, which supplies a reservoir and an emergency reservoir for the storage of untreated water, a treatment plant, a service reservoir in which the treated water is stored and a distribution network to deliver clean filtered water to the community of Drain.

Well Pump & Well Filter Repair and Installation in Lane and Douglas County

Clean Drinking Water and Water Testing for Drain, OR

Drain’s water treatment system is monitored by state and federal standards; however, these standards still allow for extremely small amounts of contaminants to be present. These same regulations allow for water preventatives such as chlorine to be added for consumer protection.  Why have any doubts in regards to you drinking water?  We can take the guess work out of your drinking water concerns and supply you with unbelievably crystal clean water.  Call Dave’s Pump & Construction today for a water quality test as well as water pump & filter service on wells and much more.