Water Pump Repair & Installation

If it’s a pump system you need installed or repaired, we can help! With OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE serving Oregon throughout the Lane & Douglas County Area, Dave’s Pump & Construction Inc. is on call and ready to provide professional repair and new installation for well pumps, residential water systems, Irrigation systems, agricultural applications, sump pumps and much more.

Water Treatment • Water Conditioning • Water Softening

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Jet Pump for higher water pressure.

Jet Pumps A.K.A. – Well Pump

Jet Pumps are generally applied to a well for fast and powerful water delivery. If you are experiencing problems with your existing well pump or perhaps are interested in a replacement pump or new installation, Dave’s Pump & Construction can get your water source up and running.

• Wells

• Holding tanks


Artesian Drive Constant-Pressure

Artesian Drive Constant Pressure Pumping Stations

Constant Pressure Pumping Destinations:

• Golf course irrigation

• Poultry operations

• Commercial kitchens

• Nurseries

We can help. Call us today and let us give you our professional opinion.


Agricultual Water Pump

Agricultural Pump Systems

We provide service & repair on pumps with agriculture needs such as fluid handling requirements for ranches and farms. From transfer pumps to waste handling, Dave’s Pump & Construction Inc. can get you up and running in no time.

• Farms

• Ranches

• Produce farms

• Poultry farms

• Cattle farms


Variable Speed Drive Water Pump System

Variable Speed Drive Controls & Systems

Variable Speed Systems provide high pressure water to many applications such as:

• Residential water systems

• Geothermal systems

• Lawn irrigation systems

• Water treatment systems

We can help fix system problems as well as provide new installation of Variable Speed Drive Controls & Systems.


Sump Pump

Sump Pump Repair & Installation

Sump pumps are used to get rid of water that has built-up in a water collecting sump basin – typically placed in the basement of homes. Is your sump pump is not working or you would like a new installation? Give us a call today for a FREE estimate.

• Basements

• Under structures

• Construction sites


Grinder Pump System

Grinder Pump Systems

Grinder pumps are waste management devices for everyday household appliances – grinding waste and pumping from a holding tank to the sewer.

• Home Waste Holding Tanks

Proving septic home waste holding tank installation and repair.