Water Filter Repair & Installation

Providing Professional Water Filter Repair and Installation Service to Lane County & Douglas County Since 1992. Dave’s Pump & Construction Inc. provides • RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL • AGRICULTURE Water & Well Testing to make sure your water is safe to drink! Contact us today for a water filter evaluation, service repair or new installation.

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Iron Water Filter System

Iron Filters

Iron Filters eliminate iron staining on your clothing and surfaces. These filters will also improve the taste and odor of your drinking water.

• Eliminate iron staining

• Removes water odors

• Eliminates rotten egg smell from well water

• Improves water taste

Avid Water Softeners

Water Softeners

Dave’s Pump & Construction Inc. provides water softener products by Avid Water Systems. If you have another system currently in use and need us to address any issues, we can help. New installations and replacements are available.

Avid Water Systems Provide:

• 4# of salt per regeneration

• Better iron removal capacity

• High flow rates without hardness leakage

• More tolerant of chlorine

• Less pressure drop

Fresh groundwater from wells can become contaminated with high concentrations of poisonous arsenic. This toxin is generally found in groundwater around farms. Arsenic can cause cancers, skin conditions and other related problems if not treated properly. If you’re not sure, we can test your drinking water for any contamination, including arsenic. Give us a Call Today for a free estimate.


pH Water Filter

pH Water Filters

By drinking water with a pH level larger than 7.0 is known as alkaline water you can greatly Increase the body’s antioxidant levels. Other studies in the consumption of alkaline water include: higher energy levels, anti-aging effects and disease cures in everything from ulcers and arteriosclerosis to diabetes and even cancers.



Ultra Violet (UV) Filter System

UV Filters

UV filtering or Ultraviolet radiation can be used a to sterilize and disinfect your water that otherwise would be considered unsafe to consume (sea water, well water, lake water, etc.). The Ultraviolet cleansing process is a non-chemical method for destroying microorganisms by altering their genetic material, and rendering them unable to reproduce.

Benefits of using UV Filtering:

• Natural and toxin free

• No overdosing possibility

• No smell to the final water product

• Disinfects water quickly