Eugene & Springfield, Oregon Water Pump Specdialists

 Dave’s Pump & Construction Inc. provides water pump service and repair for the Eugene & Springfield area.

Water Treatment • Water Conditioning • Water Softening

Well water testing, water pump repair, residential water testing, and water filter systems are a big part of how Dave’s Pump can take care of all your water needs throughout Lane County.

Your drinking water is one of the most important life supporting resources for Eugene & Springfield, Oregon – and any city for that matter.  Eugene & Springfield’s water is filtered to Government standards, but is not always clean enough for a higher standard of clean water.  We have many options for filtering and getting water to your home safely.

The Mckenzie River feeds into both Springfield and Eugene as the primary source of water for the area.  The Mckenzie is very clean further up river;  however, by the time the water flow reaches areas closer to town, the river will have made it’s way through many invasive pollutions, including:  Urban, forestry land and agricultural pollution.  EWEB is responsible for monitoring and making sure your drinking water is safe.

Main water pollutions for Eugene & Springfield’s water source

natural organic matter (NOM)



E coli