Elkton, Oregon Water Pump SpecialistsDave’s Pump & Construction Inc. Provide Water Pump / Filter Service and Repair for Elkton, Oregon and surrounding areas.

Water Treatment • Water Conditioning • Water Softening

Elkton’s main source of water is from the Lower Umpqua River and ground well water.  Whether water from the river or your own personal well, you should know what is in your drinking water source.  Dave’s Pump & Construction Inc. can test your well water or city water source for harmful contaminants.

Well Water Testing – Well Pump Service & Repair

Dave’s Pump knows their way around a well water system and all that goes into keeping it up and running safely and securely.  Many contaminants can get into the Umpqua River before it even gets to you in Elkton.  Why not take the guessing game out of one of the most important natural resources for you and your family around – Your Drinking Water!  We also provide service and repair for sump pumps, agriculture pumps, high pressure pumps, UV filtration systems, iron filters and much more.

Let Dave’s Pump & Construction Inc. test your well water or your home’s city water source for pollutants and get a filtration plan started.

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